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Manufacturing process of DECOLINE DCL-BD biodegradable polyolefin multi-layer shrink film made from PP and PE matarial, with over 20% a unique post-industrial recycled plastic and with the use of 7 active substances (prebiotics) causing controlled degradation of the polymer film.


The film is characterized by high puncture resistance, it is transparent with a pearly glow and works successfully on modern automatic machines. It is available in the form of a half-sleeve or tape with the possibility of micro-perforation. COF 016.


DECOLINE DCL-BD biodegradable polyolefin heat shrinkable film is environmentally friendly. It is full biodegradation achieved in contrast to alternative materials. Non-Oxo degradable additive, does not release micro-plastics and hazardous substances throughout the biodegradation process.


The biodegradation proces begins 15 months after the production date. Biodegradation period in natural conditions: sunlight, moisture, heatoccurring in the natural environment - between 6 to 36 months. It is the complete assimilation resulting from fragmentation and mineralization into wax material, which are a source of food for organisms.


The film can be easily recycled just like conventional polyolefin films. Designed for packaging food and industrial products.

The innovative technology is rigorously tested for conformity with international standards and verified by independent bodies.

- full biodegradation: fragmentation and mineralization into wax material

- about 20% of unique post-industrial recycled plastic

- environmental friendly

- reliable for all machines

- without any setting modifications

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